Home on the Web

What is your home on the web? – For most people the answer is one of these four sites:
* Google
* Yahoo
* MySpace

Despite the huge popularity of Google which does an excellent job keeping the media guessing – and everybody likes a good mystery – Yahoo’s web sites actually have significantly more visitors than Google does. And the average Yahoo user spends four times as much time on Yahoo than he/she does on Google. The two main reasons are the Yahoo’s successful free email application and its superior content. After all, Yahoo started as directory striving to provide lots of great content. And email is still the number one usage of the Internet – despite the fact than more than 50% of all emails sent actually origin from a spam server.

Despite the fact that Google went on a shopping spree its traffic is almost exclusively originated through its search engine. And interesting enough the number one search term on Google is Yahoo. Most Internet users simply do not know what the “location” bar in their web browser is. Google probably wants you to only know and use a “web browser” like Microsoft Internet Explorer since that is where Google lives — on the Internet and “inside” the web browser. For many, though, Google pops up (or is bookmarked). So on those millions of machines it becomes the way to navigate the Internet. So million of web users just type “yahoo” into Google when they would like to check their email.

A popular saying says ‘home is where your heart is’ – and for most Internet users that still means Yahoo.