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CCPA kicking in

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a state statute intended to enhance privacy rights and consumer protection for residents of California, United States. And, it took effect today. I have been testing several sites for their compliance, and as expected they leave much to be desired.

Some websites are still missing the legally required link altogether. An “interesting” opt-out page can be found at “Interesting” because the company wants to include their own terms and conditions in the opt-out procedure. Needless to say, I did not complete the process.

The State of Blockchain (10/2019)

Video from my October 2019 talk at the SoCal Data Science Conference in Los Angeles.

The Fallacy that is Cryptocurrency

In his fundamental book, Money and the Mechanism of Exchange, English economist William Stanley Jevons explains that currencies address a central economic problem: the coincidence of wants. The phrase describes the conundrum inherent to barter where the parties of the transaction have to agree to sell and buy each other’s goods.The obvious challenge is the improbability of the wants, needs and events that would enable such a transaction occurring at the same time and the same place. In absence of this double coincidence of wants, the parties need to agree on an acceptable substitute: a medium of exchange. While Jevons included the latter function in his definition of money, his thinking was necessary informed by and limited to the technologies of his time.The following is a review of the definition of money, the state of currencies and their potential trajectory with consideration of current technologies, including blockchain-based solutions and so-called “cryptocurrencies”.

Full article on Hackernoon.

Pitching A Blockchain VC

Venture capitalists (VCs) get pitched hundreds of times a year. And, even though countless articles have been written on the topic of how to present a startup to professional capital allocators, many encounters leave the VC disappointed. The following is a common sense outline on how to approach this process. While most of the points raised apply to any VC pitch, some of the topics are specific to technology investors and blockchain allocators in particular.

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Blockchain and the Future Of Ownership

Before the widespread use of high-speed internet, distribution of software, music, and movies was mostly anchored in physical media. Buyers of CDs and DVDs could sell the albums they no longer wanted or movies they had seen in secondary marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon or locally on Craigslist. Today, software is widely sold as a service (SaaS) and media is rented or licensed to users in a purely digital form. As this digital content is easily copied, distributors can embed software into media to limit and monitor its usage.

My complete article can be found on Forbes.