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When is an Asset “Digital”?

As outlined in an earlier article, blockchain-native digital bearer instruments such as Bitcoin’s mining reward bitcoin introduced new concepts of ownership and value transfer, upsetting the order of enumerated asset classes heretofore seemingly complete.

what is the definition of "digital asset"?

A fact that thus far has escaped many legal professionals, regulators and cryptocurrency enthusiasts, all of which seem to be content to force round blockchain pegs through narrow square holes of legacy regulations and/or vernacular designed for financial products lacking the sophistication of blockchain-based solutions.

In the absence of truly interdisciplinary discourse, amateur legal practitioners and technologists started to apply broad labels to a number of concepts which are still undergoing transformations.

My latest Hackernoon article discusses the nuances of the frequently applied – and more often abused – term digital asset.

The Problem that is “Government Money”

The following is a first principle examination of the market opportunities blockchain-based solutions offer within the realm of government-controlled currencies, commonly referred to as “fiat money”. Quite literally addressing all the money in the world.

Full article on Hackernoon.

Interview with “A boy named Pseu”

A Boy Named Pseu – Episode 133: Christian Kameir of Sustany Capital 

How To Raise Capital for Blockchain Projects

The latest article for Hackernoon is an extended version of the previous Forbes’ article

raising capital from vc for blokchain project
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The surprising investment opportunity: money

Money is technology. And, the most overlooked opportunity in itself – not payments, not remittance, not any other banking services.

Read my article on Forbes here.

kameir money investment