Google Aps a Microsoft Threat?

Yesterday I got a chance to play with Google’s new offering – Google Apps Premier Edition – it features webmail, calendar, messaging, and voice applications, as well as a word processor and spreadsheet. It includes APIs to facilitate integration with a business’ other applications, and it lets businesses create a customized home page for single sign-on to all apps. Google charges $50 a year per employee for the service, including 10 GBytes of storage for ad-free GMail, service-level agreements for 99.9 percent uptime, and 24/7 tech support.
First off: I really wanted to make it work. And I am also somewhat of a tech geek (duh). After two hours of trying to make the software work under one of my domains I finally gave up as I did not see the point of the offer – especially not if they expect me to pay anything for it.
A very jittery (if tha’s even a word) release that will decrease Google’s chances to take a shot at the big butterfly.