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OMMA Mobile 2008, Los Angeles

OMMA Mobile focussed on ROI and results, especially in the entertainment and media business. Televison, film, magazines and music industries all launched major mobile initiatives this year and tweaked some of the older models. From TV text-in programs to branded games, dedicated iPhone apps to mobile video on demand, on-deck music stores to the emerging ringback market, media companies finally are serious about getting a foothold on mobile.

Patrick from Razorfish told a story about one of their developers developing an iPhone app that interacts with the vending machine to dispense soda pop – cool. Unfortunatelly that was pretty much the only interesting thing 🙁

GadgetFest 2008

For the eights year CommNexus today crowned a the winner of its annual GadgetFest, an event for tech companies in the San Diego region and beyond to showcase their newest, most innovative technologies for this year’s competition.

Every year, CommNexus challenges tech companies within and beyond the San Diego region to enter their latest technologies into GadgetFest and compete for the coveted title of “Greatest Gadget.” The previous year’s winner, GrandCentral, was acquired by Google shortly after GadgetFest.

This year, a couple of large companies such as Motorola, LG, Verizon, RIM and Cricket Wireless seemed to be destined to lead he pack. However, a small start-up from the UK managed to steel the show and title: truphone. The service offers cheap call routing over the internet via Wi-Fi, 3G or even via ordinary GSM (translation: iPhone; Blackberry (available on Monday)).

The new Blackberry device Storm got mixed reviews, mainly because of RIM’s decision to go touch screen only. Finally Runner-up Mushroom Networks deserves special mention for its smart broadband bonding device which made my X-mas list.

Google Q3 Earnings

Google just reported their Q3 earnings. Nothing new here … still growing nicely and probably the only strong buy out there right now. Whereas most attention from the financial industry will probably go to the increased cash flow positions, I still find it fascinating to see that 30% of Google’s revenue is generated by ‘partners’, leading to commission payments of almost $17 Mio. per day!

Google Q3 2008 Quarterly Earnings Summary – Get more Free Tax Forms


Today CONNECT & Cox put on a special luncheon atop Diamond View Towers in the outfield of Petco Part. This event, affectionately known as Techapalooza is great opportunity to meet the people at COX and learn how a partnership with Cox can benefit your organization.

It was surprising to me to learn that less than 50% of COX’s revenue is now coming from their cable division. And that in addition to Internet access and phone service, the company is offering a wide variety local services (still not to sure about their Kudzu system though ;-).

But let me tell you, there’s a standup comedian in every COX executive, starting with the CEO, Bill Geppert. Very entertaining event and of course exceptional views from the top of the Diamond View Tower.

UCSD Entrepreneurship Competition

Yesterday UCSD Entrepreneurship Competition was kicked of with the most inpiratioanl interview of Qualcomm founder Irwin Javobs. Chris Kameir and Irwin Jacobs, UCSD October 1st 2008 The goal of the Entrepreneurship Competition is to foster community involvement and technological innovation by bringing multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, scientists, and business-minded students together with local area entrepreneurs and professionals. And there is no better icon that would symbolize the success of this concept that Irwin Jacobs. Alhtough Dr, Jacob will turn 75 in two weeks he was more energetic than most 30 year olds I know. If you get a chance to hear him speak (about anything) go (I will). In the meantime I will follow his advice and buy a Kindle 😉