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LinkedIn worth $1,000,000,000?

LinkedIn today announced it raised $53 million in Series D funding at a valuation of $1 billion. The new round is led by Bain Capital, bringing the total money raised by the company to about $80 million. The latest valuation: $1 billion.

How do they do that?

Vista Print sells business cards for the same price that other companies charge for shipping. Does anybody know how they do that? By ‘hiding’ the cost in the shipping fees:

Slow: 21 Days – $9.19
Standard: 14 Days – $13.19
Priority: 7 Days – $17.44
Rush+: 3 Business Days – $29.48

On actual cost of about $1.45.

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Peet the Pink Elephant

Pett The Pink Elephant

Peet the Pink Elephant probably sounds like a really dumb title. But there’s a reason I chose this moniker, and it has to do with the way self-pronounced search engine marketing experts (SEO) market their “services” and pretend they pull some magic out of their (pink) hats.

So, while I thought Peet had died a few years ago while doing some basic optimization for a friend recently I came across some of his foot steps (they were imprinted in the face of a friend of mine in form of a questionmark).

The rest of the Peet the Pink Elephant story will follow when Google tells me to finish it 😉