Mission Statement

To know and congruently live my true self I define and refine my values, so that I am present in the moment while mindfully choosing experiences in which I invest time and attention. I maintain moment to moment awareness that only I have the power to create my reality. My attention and time are irreplaceable resources which define my life and form my identity. Therefore, I prioritize, communicate and integrate these values into all areas of my life: freedom, true love, emotional intelligence, physical wellbeing, friendship, contribution, and the pursuit of a lasting legacy.

Freedom to me means that I autonomously control my time, my attention, and my environment. I embrace that I own every moment, feeling and memory but possess no living being or thing. I consistently set goals in alignment with my values, and take action to improve my emotional and economical independence with courage, integrity, and intelligence – tenaciously maximizing my future options of actions. I am, and I create the hero in my life. I am my own brand. I am bold in my actions and develop new resources daily. I am persuasive and convincing to make a powerful impact. I trust my own abilities. I am determined and persistent to reach my goals and ambitions but flexible in my approach.

True love to me means to respect the man I am, and embrace the man I am becoming. This creates the capacity for unconditional love of all living beings in me. I am present for the people in my life that I care about, compassionate about their feelings, and thoughtful about their happiness and well-being. I respect their model of the world. I am affectionate in word, touch, and deed, and passionate but gentle in my advances, and warm in my approach and expression of physical love. I exude stability, safety, and certainty. I maintain a harmonic environment and create meaningful memories for life. I trust that the people that I love will be good to me.

Emotional intelligence to me means that I chose to direct my thoughts, realizing that these create my happiness. I plan and maximize flow states with clarity of mind and positive focus. I prioritize personal growth through meta-cognition and directed knowledge acquisition. I am energetic and flexible in mind. I am manly. I take pride in who I am, and not in what I have. I find satisfaction in taking charge of my life and personality. I am poised, and maintain a positive attitude – free from fear of failure, realizing that there is only feedback. I am calm and in control. I am confident by being easy-going and happy. I embrace simplicity but accept no limits. I am grateful for what I have and accomplish. I show patience while vigorously striving for more in a humble and modest way. I find peace within myself.

Physical health to me means that I am energetic, athletic, and free of physical limitations. I make plans and have the discipline to improve myself, and consistently develop better and better habits. I strengthen and assert my backbone daily.  I display authentic inner and outer beauty with grace. My appearance reflects who I am inside.

Friendship to me means that I am reliable for the people in my life that I care about. I embrace other people’s differences, remembering that people are neither their utility nor behavior. I listen, create rapport, I am polite and friendly in my words and actions, I am kind to friends and strangers. I am charming to lighten peoples’ days. I am fair in my interactions with others. I am humorous and casual when among friends, tolerant and open-minded to others’ views, generous with praise and things.  I am worldly as well as loyal to my friends and loved-ones.

Contribution to me means that I realize that we are all one. I recognize that we share our environment, our future, and our emotions. I am noble, honest, and open in my words and actions – a mature role model for others. My thoughts and actions are honorable, responsible and just, and my words profound.  I lead people by my charisma, not force. I am a mentor who inspires others to make a positive difference in their life, and in their realm of influence.

Legacy to me means that I dedicate my mental and creative powers to increase and extend the well-being of all living things. I prioritize lasting impact over the recognition by others, realizing that life is meant to be eternal and never-ending.