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Metaverse – 1st three-dimensional online role playing game

Trailer for the a metaverse concept of a 3d online world based on Tad Williams ‘Otherland. After spending about $6MM on concept development and trailer, we scratched the project (too soon).

Otherland is a science fiction tetralogy written by Tad Williams and published between 1996 and 2000. The story is set on Earth near the end of the 21st century, probably between 2082 and 2089, in a world where technology has advanced somewhat beyond the present. The most notable advancement is the widespread availability of full-immersion virtual reality installations, which allow people from all walks of life to access an online world, called simply the Net. Tad Williams weaves an intricate plot spanning four  volumes, and creates a picture of a future society where virtual worlds are fully integrated into everyday life.