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Colizer Inc., a San Diego company specializing in Internet marketing solutions, announced today that the completion of Series A Convertible Preferred financing. Investors include Seattle based Six Degrees Capital as well as two private investors.
“Colizer impressed us with solid marketing and technology experience.”
said Six Degrees Capital’s president Ken Woolcott. “The company had already
implemented a small scale local version of the platform and the numbers
that were achieved over a period of over 12 months show that Colizer has
the potential to be the leader in optimized local search using
Colizer Inc. has perfected a Pay-per-call solution targeted at
businesses that typically are not participating in online marketing.
Pay-per-call is building on the success of such advertising systems as
Google’s Pay-per-Click solution. While the advertiser in a Pay-per-Click
model pays for each click on an advertisement that directs a user to his
web site, Pay-per-Call clients are charged for incoming phone calls which
were initiated through a click on an online listing for the business.
Unlike traditional Internet services Colizer’s model does not require
businesses to establish an Internet connection or even own a computer to
benefit from Colizer’s advertising solutions.
Online advertising is the fastest growing business in the US,
generating more than $14 billion in revenues in 2006. This number is
expected to triple within the next three years. Pay-per-call is estimated
to be a $1.4 billion to $4 billion market. And analysts state that there
are less than 350,000 advertisers across all the paid search networks. Most
small and medium size companies are still using local Yellow Pages and
referrals as their only marketing tool.
The market is ripe for the solution as 71% of small and mid-sized
businesses would rather receive a phone call than a click in a
performance-based model. Services like Colizer’s, which will be released
under the label RADIUX in the coming weeks, have the potential to shake up
the $15 billion yellow page industry.

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