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Marketing PPPP

pppp marketingIn the age of open source and crowd-sourcing solutions as well as the social media phenomenon the Marketing Mix as broken down by Jermoe McCarthy into ‘PPPP’ might need to be refined. Traditionally ‘PPPP’ stood for:

  • Product (including features and support!)
  • Pricing (not only monetary but also time and energy!)
  • Promotion (branding, PR, advertising, sales)
  • Placing (geo, channels, market segments – gender, age, education etc.)

Consumers today expect a level of involvement in product and service design that cannot adequately be embraced using just four ‘Ps’ alone as these represent a one-way, company-oriented view. What is needed therefore is the opening of a channel that allows for immediate consumer input and feedback by the company in a two-way or ‘many-way’ fashion (i.e. forum).

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