For interview requests please connect to me on LinkedIn. Below is a list of previous interviews. Please note that I frequently will disagree with my younger self, and that my views may or may not represent those of the funds, academic institutions, or non-profits that I am engaged with.

8 Golden Rules to Investing
TEN Capital, January 16th, 2023

Investing in Privacy
Data Collaboration Alliance, November 11th, 2022

Central Bank Digital Currency
DIVI Podcast, July 7th, 2022

Conversations we are not having
IDEAS Market, February 4th, 2022

Investor Perspectives – COVID’s Impact on Cybersecurity: Growth in the Cybersecurity Segment
Investor Connect Podcast, April 6th 2021

NFT Global Conference – Beyond NFTs/Future Use Cases Mastermind Panel
Crowdcreate, March 30th 2021

Christian Kameir of Sustany Capital on Central Bank Digital Currencies
Investor Connect Podcast, March 17th 2021

VC Blockchain Insights
The Blockchain Show, December 9th 2020

Rise of Stable Coins – Next Steps to Mass Adoption
HandsUp Media, November 18th 2020

Christian Kameir MP Sustany Capital CEO Strategy Sprints
Strategy Sprints, October 21st 2020

Fintech Luminaries – Meet Christian Kameir of Sustany Capital, October 13th 2020

COVID-19 Lead to These Major Blockchain Investments
LA Blockchain Summit, October 7th 2020

Blockchain, Crypto Assets and DLT: Block52 – #74 with Christian Kameir
Block52 Podcast, September 27th 2020

Interview with Christian Kameir
The DIVI Crypto Podcast, August 26th 2020

Using a VC Investment Assessment Framework To Interview For Your Key Hires
Elevate Hire Podcast, August 18th 2020

Thesis Investing with a Blockchain VC
The MikoBits Show, August 4th 2020

Investor Connect Podcast: Investor Connect – 409 – Christian Kameir of Sustany Capital
Investor Connect Podcast, July 23rd 2020

Stable Coin Debate
The DIVI Crypto Podcast, July 20th 2020

Blockchain Basics – From Invention to Innovation
CoinGenius, July 10th 2020

Bitcoin Sound Money or Store of Value
CoinGenius, June 30th 2020

The Future Of Crypto Investment – VBS 2020
Virtual Blockchain Summit, June 24th 2020

Investor Perspectives – The Impact of the COVID-19 Economy on Startup Funding Part 8
Investor Connect Podcast, June 22nd 2020

How to Raise Capital for Blockchain Projects
Fundraising Radio, April 13th 2020

Blockchain VC Interview
A Boy Named Pseu, April 13th 2020

Adam Torres interviews Blockchain VC Christian Kameir
Money Matters, January 15th 2020

The State of Blockchain 
IDEAs 2019, November 8th 2019

Blockchain Security Panel
Blockchain Technology Summit 2019, November 8th 2019

Funding for Blockchain Startups in a Post ICO World” Panel 
CIS, November 4th 2019

14 Fintech Trends To Watch For In 2020
Forbes, November 1st 2019

Why are There No ‘Security Tokens’ (Yet)?
Hacker Noon, October 31st 2019

The Fallacy that is Cryptocurrency
Hacker Noon, October 17th 2019

Blockchain Investing 2019
ON:Chain19, May 23rd 2019

Interview: The State Of Security Tokens
OST LIVE, January 11th 2019

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)
The Bad Crypto Podcast, October 17th 2018

Blockchain for Business
Critical Mass for Business Radio Show, September 19th 2018

The Fundamentals of Cryptocurrency Investment
Forbes, August 29th 2018

Investing in and companies adopting blockchain
CEO Money, July 30th 2018

Introduction to Blockchain Investing
CryptoCentz Podcast, July 2nd 2018

The State of Initial Coin Offerings
The Blockchain Show, June 22nd 2018

Digital Wallets
Crypto the Wonder Dog, June 7th 2018

Blockchain 101
Crypto the Wonder Dog, May 23rd 2018

Blockchain Investing
Wild West Crypto Show, April 2nd 2018

Blockchain Investing 2018
SPACES LA, January 22nd 2018

Keynote: Introduction to Blockchain
Association for Corporate Growth, January 10th 2018

Initial Coin Offerings and Regulation A
Alternative Financing Summit 2017, December 6th 2017