As technology investor, I see several hundred projects in my main interest area of network technologies which include financial and legal technologies every year. Since the emergence of blockchain-based solutions, our team has focused on disruptive finance solutions, and solutions build on network primitives that replace other middlemen (often labelled as “Web3”).

Over the course of the last five years, we have developed a comprehensive framework, using scientific principles, which allows for a very nuanced analysis of these emerging technologies – essentially we received more than one thousand peer reviews of our thesis around value transfer systems, regulation and legal technologies, and identity solutions (although none of these terms are technically or legally correct). These insights are reflected in my articles and speaking topics.

I speak, and lecture on topics ranging from technology investing to specific blockchain solutions – especially fintech, decentralized finance, blockchain, and network design. Please see my current speaking profile here, or my Forbes and Hackernoon writer profiles for topics.

I also assist with curriculum design to include these topics in educational programs, Currently, I am specifically focused on creating dedicated ‘legal engineering’ programs, as almost all pitch decks lack clarity in regards to how the suggested technology will intermediate real world economic activity.

Upon request, I can tailor the topics to a specific industry (for speaking engagements at companies).