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Beyond Webanalytics

While talking to several dozen of enterprise marketers (read: ‘CMOs’), I was amazed to learn how many marketing professionals seem to be content using very basic online analytic tools and implementations. In response I prepared this presentation on advanced web analytics and data integration. Below please find the version I used for my speech at iMarketers in San Diego on October 19th 2010 and subsequent in-house events at Zappos, Verizon and COX.

Integrated Email, Social Media and Google Analytics Campaign Management Solution

Anametrix, the leader in cloud-based business analytics technology, and iPost, a leader in strategic email marketing services, together announced a partnership agreement to offer clients a comprehensive digital marketing measurement solution with real-time strategic insights across email campaigns, social media and Google Analytics.

The Anametrix-iPost collaborative technology will debut at the DMA:2010 Conference & Exhibition October 9 – 14 at the San Francisco Moscone Convention Center, Booth #1732 or by appointment.  Maximizing ROI via integration of data is the overarching theme of this Direct Marketing Association global event; yet to-date, very few brands have successfully and cost-effectively implemented multichannel measurement programs. Utilizing the Anametrix analytics dashboards to correlate results across different media channels, iPost will demonstrate email campaigns’ clear halo effect on social media buzz as well as increased traffic and sales offline in brick-and-mortar stores.

For over a decade, iPost has provided email marketing campaign tools and services to hundreds of diverse industry customers including TD Ameritrade, Foster Farms, Garden Botanika, and Totes-Isotoner.  The Anametrix partnership enables iPost’s digital marketers to overlay data from many sources including social media listening, Census demographics, search engine marketing (SEM), online advertising, and web site traffic pattern analysis with their email campaigns. A customized series of InstaVista™ dashboards correlate and display unified Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from these data sources to provide a rich, actionable picture of customer engagement opportunities.

“Correlating online email marketing efforts with offline results allows marketers, for the first time, to quickly analyze diverse data in a single dashboard interface for deeper targeting and segmentation,” said Bart Schaefer, CEO of iPost.  “Combining iPost’s email marketing solutions with Anametrix’s business analytics technology enables richer and more relevant customer engagement.”

“It’s exciting to help iPost digital marketers compete on a global scale by offering actionable analytics that show the true revenue of email campaigns,” stated Blaise Barrelet, Anametrix CEO.  “Email remains one of the most effective ways for brands to engage customers, and the Anametrix-iPost dashboards demystify multi-channel impact for rapid value analysis.”

iPost will offer the InstaVista™ dashboards as a premium add-on service to its iMM™ email marketing platform.  The real-time interactive data visualizations can also include information from offline sources including customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and point-of-sale (POS) transactions for a more comprehensive business picture.

To schedule a demonstration of the iPost – Anametrix technology during the DMA:2010 Conference & Exhibition, please contact Michelle Moody at 214-363-3460 or by email.

Google Acquires Blind Type

Google just bought BlindType, a startup that auto-corrects the words a user types on his or her mobile phone.  The technology is very advanced; a demo shows that a user could type “Rgod vskjieyh pa vskjieyh pa vqsyrudik,” which the software would correct to “This ballpark is beautiful,” recognizing that the user is one letter off for each character). BlindType wasn’t yet being used on any phones, although the company says the technology supports iPhone, iPad and Android devices. In a short blog post, BlindType confirms the deal but leaves out other details, like how much Google paid or how soon the technology will be integrated with Android.

“We are excited to announce that BlindType has been acquired by Google. We’re excited to welcome the BlindType team to Google. With their help, we hope to make touch typing on your mobile device easier and faster than ever,” stated Aaron Zamost, a spokesperson for Google to confirm the acquisition.

The San Francisco-based company has announced the acquisition in a blog post, promising to continue offering its customers a unique experience with typing on mobile phones.