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World Wide Blockchain

Today, Google is the centralized window to the World Wide Web for citizens of all countries with the exception of China. Consistently used for more than 85% of global Internet “searches” (technically these are just queries against a proprietary index), the service purports to be a search engine. However, the term disguises the company’s true nature. Since 2015 Google is a profit center of the public holding company Alphabet Inc. While Google’s advertising business at present is more or less the only profitable enterprise of the holding company, the enterprise has demonstrated strong ambitions to extend its search – and with that its advertising – dominance over the World Wide Web and into all Internet-connected devices.More than a decade has gone by without serious attempts to challenge the market dominance of the company that claims to be on a mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. However, it is highly unlikely that Google – or any for-profit entity – will succeed in actually doing so.Search engines – and here specifically Google – are largely responsible for the majority of ad-copy disguised as information flooding the World Wide Web today. The advertising company’s pay-per-click incentive model has inadvertently created an entirely new industry that produces nothing of value: search engine optimization. Millions of people – often in low wage countries – spend their days creating poor quality content, hyperlinks to landing pages and comment spam in otherwise useful online magazines and forums.

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