What ‘SEO Experts’ and Fortune Tellers Have in Common

Optimizing a website these days can be difficult. You want to know just how popular the site is, or how many visits you are getting due to certain keywords in any articles on your site. This is where a so called “SEO Expert” comes into play. They like to say that they can tell you exactly what you need to do and just how popular keywords are for your company or site. More and more lately, people are realizing that they are basically the fortune tellers of the technology world.

What does this mean exactly? It basically comes down to the fact that they cannot give any more accurate a description or more accurate of a statement about something for your business or site than a street fortune teller can about what you have coming in your future. These people who refer to themselves as SEO Experts are not looking to work for you exclusively. In truth, they are basically running a scam on you and your business. If they could get any free search engine traffic for any given keyword, they would simply just set up a landing page for that and sell ads or other affiliate programs on there and make recurring revenue from it.

SEO and Fortune TellersThese so called “experts” would make way more money from any number of online affiliate marketing systems for almost any keyword that was provided to them. In a way, you can equate this with how fortune tellers will say vague things and pick up on one word that you automatically connect with. They will then make a bunch of random assumptions and vague fortunes and let you believe that something good is indeed coming your way. If people in general were able to tell the future, wouldn’t you think they would start going about life in ways that would lead them to the best possible outcome? This is just like the SEO experts.

The fact of the matter is, hiring a “SEO Expert” will not in any way benefit the company or business you have. There is no true way of saying exactly what is the best for the website or company based solely on a few keywords that will pop up. They cannot give any more accurate a description as a simple street fortune teller. What is best for you and your company would be to not hire someone who is looking to scam you. It is not going to be profitable in any way for you. Anyone can do a few Google searches to find out what is most popular. It is best if you do some of this work yourself and save a lot of trouble in the long run.