Google Acquires Blind Type

Google just bought BlindType, a startup that auto-corrects the words a user types on his or her mobile phone.  The technology is very advanced; a demo shows that a user could type “Rgod vskjieyh pa vskjieyh pa vqsyrudik,” which the software would correct to “This ballpark is beautiful,” recognizing that the user is one letter off for each character). BlindType wasn’t yet being used on any phones, although the company says the technology supports iPhone, iPad and Android devices. In a short blog post, BlindType confirms the deal but leaves out other details, like how much Google paid or how soon the technology will be integrated with Android.

“We are excited to announce that BlindType has been acquired by Google. We’re excited to welcome the BlindType team to Google. With their help, we hope to make touch typing on your mobile device easier and faster than ever,” stated Aaron Zamost, a spokesperson for Google to confirm the acquisition.

The San Francisco-based company has announced the acquisition in a blog post, promising to continue offering its customers a unique experience with typing on mobile phones.