Pay-per-call the solution for local business?

Local search is all the buzz, but most of small-to-medium sized businesses are missing the local search marketing revolution because they don’t have a website.

Pay-per-call advertising—a new type of online advertising that mixes search functionality and on-the-phone interaction resulting in an appealing marketing opportunity for small-to-medium sized businesses—especially local businesses without a web site.

From the consumer standpoint, it’s much easier to call a local business than rely on email to ask details about pricing, programs and product availability. When your pipes are leaking, and you need to locate a plumber—fast, people will be searching for phone numbers for immediate contact.

Setting up a pay-per-call campaign is easy. Merchants define their relevant keywords, choose their desired categories and decide upon the geographic area where they’d like their ad to appear (local, regional or national) From there, they create their ad, containing their company name, address, a short description and a toll-free number which redirects to the advertiser’s actual phone number.

Merchants are charged on a CPA basis when someone calls the toll-free number—not when someone clicks-through from the ad. Call tracking information and call pattern statistics are available to the merchant so they can measure results.