iTunes Ping – a MySpace killer?

Music And Social Media - PingFor iTunes version number 10 Apple came up with a potential MySpace killer: music-centric social networking. It goes by the name ‘Ping’.

To start with ping you have to download the new iTunes 10. Once it’s installed, you’ll notice a new link under the iTunes Store tab on the left side of the iTunes interface.  The service is opt-in, so you’ll have to turn Ping on and sign in with your Apple account. After that comes a simple profile form that gives you the opportunity to upload a profile picture and write the standard social media “About Me” section.  Additionally you can “like” three genres. After that, you get to make some privacy choices. You can specify how music you like, rate and review is displayed on your profile; you can also decide whether or not people can follow you and if they need your approval to follow you. Even if you don’t allow others to follow you, you can still follow anyone you like.

It’s a fairly common friendship model, much like Twitter’s. You can also choose to connect your profile on Ping to your Facebook profile, if you wish. Once your accounts are connected, you can also follow your Facebook friends on Ping. Try it!