Daniel Suarez ‘Daemon’

Daemon is an futuristic novel, which sets out not only to entertain, which it surely does, but also to challenge the reader to consider social issues as broad as the implications of living in a technologically advanced world and whether democracy can survive in such a world. And for us geeks: what we can expect from near-future technologies.

The storyline portrays one possible world consequent to the development of the technological innovations that we currently live with and the reality that the author, Daniel Suarez, imagines will evolve, and it is chilling and tense (on thedaemon.com the reader can find evidence that the seemingly incredible advances Suarez proposes could – and likely will – in fact become real). Daemon is filled with multiple scenes involving power displays by the Daemon’s allies resulting in complete loss of control by its enemies, violence with new and innovative weaponry, explosions, car crashes, blood, guts, and limbs-cut-off galore. – As far as technological complexity, Daemon will satisfy any computer geek’s thirst!