Actionable Web Analytics

actionable web analyticsWeb analytics tools have seen little improvement ever since Google bought Urchin in March 2005 and turned it into Google Analytics. With no real time option and a large paying user base, Omniture’s SiteCatalyst (now Adobe) web analytics solution did not face much competition and hence had no incentive to improve its usability. Both solutions were initially created by engineers not marketeers and are heavily focused on technical aspects of websites, most of which do not provide any value in optimizing the site for sales or marketing purposes.

If you are looking for actionable web analytics that are real time, I suggest that you check out Clicky. It features a very simple to use user interface that lets anybody set up goals and alerts in a Minute. It also does not hurt that is has a cool iPhone app and is super cheap: for $59/year you basically get the same functionality that Google is trying to sell at $150,000 (the Analytics Premium package). You can check it out here.

In the interest of full disclosure: I am a Clicky client as well as affiliate and make a few bucks when you subscribe to the service coming from my link. But I would not endorse it if I did not use it myself 🙂

Clicky Web Analytics