GadgetFest 2008

For the eights year CommNexus today crowned a the winner of its annual GadgetFest, an event for tech companies in the San Diego region and beyond to showcase their newest, most innovative technologies for this year’s competition.

Every year, CommNexus challenges tech companies within and beyond the San Diego region to enter their latest technologies into GadgetFest and compete for the coveted title of “Greatest Gadget.” The previous year’s winner, GrandCentral, was acquired by Google shortly after GadgetFest.

This year, a couple of large companies such as Motorola, LG, Verizon, RIM and Cricket Wireless seemed to be destined to lead he pack. However, a small start-up from the UK managed to steel the show and title: truphone. The service offers cheap call routing over the internet via Wi-Fi, 3G or even via ordinary GSM (translation: iPhone; Blackberry (available on Monday)).

The new Blackberry device Storm got mixed reviews, mainly because of RIM’s decision to go touch screen only. Finally Runner-up Mushroom Networks deserves special mention for its smart broadband bonding device which made my X-mas list.