Super Bowl happens on the Internet every day

The Internet is the single most important marketing tool of our time. No other medium even comes close to its selling power. Think about it: what is the most expensive marketing you can purchase? Probably commercial airtime during Superbowl broadcasting: The average price for a 30 second commercial in 2005’s Superbowl was $2.4 million – that equates to $80,000 per second! Ok, the game was watched by 144.4 million viewers but how many do you think got up to buy the new three blade razor? My hunch is no-one. Everybody was still sipping beer and dipping guacamole.
Let’s say you only had one percent of these viewers (1.4 million) on your website with a call to action – a BUY NOW button – how many do you think would by the three blade razor now? Statistics suggest it would be 7,000.
A number of smart marketers have realized that marketing power and shifted all their efforts to online advertising with its multiple benefits: you don’t need a Nielsen family to find out what works and you get demographics about your customers that will make the Secret Service envious.

The Internet’s Reality
But there’s a catch: 80-90% of Internet users will use a search engine to find a service or a product and again 80-90% of these users will never check the second page of the one million or more search results that Google, Yahoo and MSN provide. Basically what that means is that your website has to be in one these 40-50 spots if you want to be seen. There are approximately 40,000 to 50,000 companies in industries, like web hosting, loans and real estate that pay web developers, search engine optimization experts and advertising companies to be in one of these premier spots. It is not unusual to pay $10,000 per month for these efforts without a guarantee to get a single new customer.

Internet Marketing for the Small Business
So, how can a small company compete? – In the past the dominating marketing tool for the small business was the Yellow Pages and other local printed directories. Surprisingly this industry is still going strong and is still used for marketing reasons by the majority of small businesses despite the fact that most consumers today will only look for the Yellow Pages if they can not find what they are looking for online.
But the printed Yellow Pages had one advantage for the user: he usually could rely on finding a list of the service providers for a certain job in his neighborhood.
Now Google and Yahoo both are trying to add more visibility to local markets by launching “Google Local” and “Yahoo local” intending to bring up smaller local companies. Although the search engines are trying to provide this service they fail to provide a similar completeness as the Yellow Pages did for the last 100 years.
One of the reasons for this is clearly lack of motivation and effort on the part of the major search engines. Let’s face it, would you put much effort into helping a company that does not even have Internet access (like the majority of small businesses in the US) when you offer an online service that makes money from large companies that buy click-through advertising for their websites?
Also, this approach faces the same drawbacks as all the other search engine results: it is benefiting those who have the Internet knowledge to ensure that their information is number one in local rankings even if their service is not necessarily what the search engine user was looking for.
However, there is some light on the horizon. A company in San Diego is offering a solution that does not require the small business owner to have Internet knowledge. In fact, the company’s solution does not even require the small business owner to have Internet Access. More importantly, it provides its customer with a guarantee of being found online.
COLIZER – Computerless Internet Services achieves visibility for small businesses by providing high-ranking portals for industries that are usually left behind. These companies often can not afford to hire a web designer and spend a couple hundred dollars on a web site let alone on optimizing it to be found be search engines.
At the current introductory price of only $7.99 per month, COLIZER certainly offers the most affordable Internet Marketing solution available to date. Even if their clients got only one new customer from this service, it will pay for itself.

Small Business Marketing Success
Two recent examples of COLIZER’s success are a portal for painters in Arizona ( and a portal for lawn care professionals in California ( “Right now these portals reach about 1,000 consumers a month that find the local painter or gardener in their own geographic area.” explains Christian Kameir, CEO of COLIZER INC. “By the end of 2005, these portals will get 1,000 hits per day.”
The company has more than 100 portals like these in the US and is about to expand to France, Germany and Greece.
Surprisingly, the cost of this unique service for the small business is only $96 for an entire year and this even includes a top level domain, web site and a contact form which the small business owner can receive as text message on their cell phone. COLIZER also offers the fastest website creator on the web. Companies that have Internet access can create their own website without any design knowledge in less than one Minute at
But COLIZER finds most of its customer’s offline through their lucrative affiliate program and is currently seeking more than 1,000 affiliates nationwide. “Some of our affiliates make more money working two hours a day than they were making working 40 hours a week at their old jobs”, says Melissa Kremer, COLIZER’s Vice President of Sales. Applicants for COLIZER’s affiliate program are asked to file a free application on the company’s website: