Social Networks – A Reality Check

Social networks are about human interaction. Though it is questionable if online interaction with a user profile from one of the large social networks like Facebook or MySpace can be counted as such. The truth will typically emerge when one tries to have an in persona exchange of either communication, products or service. Simply put: once you buy that used sofa you need to know the physical address to pick it up. Often times you probably want to know ahead of time where JohnDoe007’s lives -or at least that he is close to you – before you decide to buy the item.

Users who do not feel comfortable posting their real address on public websites but still want to provide the important location information can now join LocDot. LocDot is the first system to provide location information between verified user without revealing their addresses to the public Internet.

You can see how far another LocDot user is away from you but in order to get access to his address you will need to ‘connect the dots’ – in this case: request access to the users profile (similar to ‘LinkedIn’).

Check it out.