PPC Strategy

Prior to launching a PPC campaign think about what your end goal is and how much of your marketing budget you are willing to spend on it. PPC advertising can be complicated and risky if you “throw it at the wall and see if it sticks “. 

PPC bidding strategies to consider:

  • Have a budget allocation strategy
  • Geo-Target campaigns to potential customer locations
  • Day-Parting in order to target your niche market
  • Careful keywords matching (most important)
  • Quality score + Click Through Rate

Google AdWords Advantages
Google AdWords has by far the widest coverage of any of the PPC providers, allowing advertisers to reach a wide market using just one system. This coverage also makes it the most suitable for specialised businesses, who would not receive much search traffic from the smaller providers. The minimum cost per click for a keyword can be a little as 10 Cents, which can make AdWords suitable for editorial or low order value websites, where the 25 Cnets minimum cost per click required by the other providers might not be cost-effective.

Google Adwords Weakpoints
Google AdWords has now become so popular in some market sectors so that bidding is very competitive, meaning in some cases better value can be found elsewhere. The system provided by Google is very sophisticated – for example, ranking position can be determined by the bid price and the clickthrough rate of the advert – so that the service can be difficult for beginners to understand initially.