Pay Per Call Marketing Survey

Phone Survey ‘Pay-per-Call’ Marketing
We called 474 business of which 252 where willing to take part in the survey. 73% of businesses surveyed classified themselves as ‘providing manual labor’, 19% as retail businesses and 6% as service businesses.

The survey was comprised of seven main questions with a total of 9 possible follow up questions.

1. How much is your monthly marketing budget?
65% of businesses stated their monthly marketing budget is below $100. 5% of businesses said their monthly marketing budget is between $100 and $500. The rest of the businesses did not want to disclose this information.

2. Does your company location have Internet access? And if not: Are you planning to establish Internet access in the next twelve months?
69% of surveyed businesses stated that they currently have Internet access.

Of the 31% of businesses that did not have access to the Internet 5% expressed they would establish Internet connection within the next 12 months.

3. Does your business currently maintain a web site? If not: why?
27% of business owners said that they currently maintain a web site.

Of the 73% that said they did not own a web site 92% expressed they did not need one for their businesses, 2% expressed cost reasons and 6% did not provide a specific reason.

4. Are you currently paying for search engine traffic?
Of the businesses that maintain web sites 1.1% said they are currently paying for pay-per-click advertising. All these businesses used Google as pay-per-click provider.

5. Are you currently purchasing any online advertising?
Of the businesses that maintained web sites 7% currently purchase online advertising. All of these businesses purchased online advertising from their Yellow Page provider.

6. Are you currently paying commission for referrals?
Less than 1% of surveyed businesses currently pay for lead referrals.

7. Are you familiar with Pay-Per-Call referral systems?
2% of surveyed businesses were familiar with a pay-per-call referral system.

8. Would you be interested in participating in pay-per-call advertising? If so, how much would you be willing to invest per lead?
41% of businesses expressed interest in participating in a pay-per-call advertising concept.

32% of interested businesses said they would be willing to spend $1 per lead, 7% said they would be willing to spend $10 per lead and. 59% where not sure yet how much they wanted to invest.

9. Would you be interested in testing a pay-per-call service if you received a number of leads free of charge? Would you sign up for the service, if at least one of these leads became a client of yours? If so how much would you be willing to pay per lead?
42% of surveyed business expressed interest in testing a pay-per-call service if they received a number of leads for free. 100% of businesses said they would sign up for the service if at least one of the leads would become a paying customer.
41% of these businesses are willing to spend at least $1 per lead. 59% where undecided how much they were willing to spend per lead.