Internet Marketing for the Offline World

Pay-per-clicks generated more than $10 billion revenue in the USA in 2005. Pay-per-click is an advertising pricing model in which advertisers pay search engines such as Google or Yahoo based on how many consumers clicked on a promotion.
But Internet advertisers begin to realize that the online market is starting to saturate. Therefore they are branching out into the off-line world in search for new revenue streams.
65% of small businesses are not online yet, according to Colizer Inc. a small but fast growing Internet marketing company in San Diego. Colizer is offering Internet marketing solutions for small business without access to the Internet.
AOL adding a pay-per-call solution to its revenue model in 2005. Pay-per-call ads appear at the top of sponsored links in AOL Search results, and display a toll-free number in the search result. Clicking on the ad directs the searcher to an information page with a description and additional details about the advertiser, rather than to a landing page on the advertiser’s web site.
Colizer’s CEO Christian Kameir explains: ‘The danger of pay-per-click or pay-per-call is that it can be miss-used by individuals who want to harm their competition. If I wanted to deplete my competitors pre-paid account with one of the search engines I simply spend half an hour repeatedly clicking his link. The same could happen with pay-per-call where someone can just repeatedly call the 800-number and hang up or worse program a dialer to do the same.
Colizer developed a solution for small businesses to close the gap between the consumers who wants to find a small business online and the business that does not have an Internet presence yet. Reportedly more than 65% of all US businesses are not yet represented on the Internet. Colizer created a service called LOXTER – the local exchange carrier, a local directory and virtual 800 service. LOXTER’s database holds the records of more than 28,000,000 businesses in the US. Unlike traditional directories like the Yellow Pages, LOXTER does not charge the business for a listing but provides the basic listing 100% free of charge.
Once the web user finds a company he wants to contact, he can simply click a button on the listing and enter his phone number. LOXTER is connecting the web user to the business, free of charge for the user – just like an 800 number. There is no need for the web user to install any software or have a microphone connected to his computer as LOXTER uses the phone number of the user. LOXTER also generates an email to the web user (if he subscribes to the free service) that allows the web user to leave feedback for the business which can be read by other potential clients.
LOXTER has published the BETA version of its system and is currently accepting pre-signups at