Google strikes again

Google announced that the company is buying Gizmo5, the San Diego VoIP company founded by my friend Michael Robertson. Since its inception as Grandcentral, the service has offered a wide range of features for managing your phone calls, with one exception: calls passing through Google Voice have to be directed to another phone number if you actually wanted to answer them. This gap can bow be closed through Gizmo Project.

As currently implemented, Google Voice in conjunction with Gizmo allows to place unlimited free calls to the United States and Canada (and low rates into other countries), but requires two separate accounts. Launch the Gizmo software on your Mac to log into your Gizmo account, then start browser to log into Google Voice; calls placed in Google Voice can be redirected to ring your Gizmo account before connecting to the person you’re calling.

Let’s hope Google gets the interface right this time.