Google – Closer to Home?

Today Google announced the release of Gears Geolocation API, a system designed to provide websites with location-based information without the aid of GPS. The geolocation API can use GPS, cell-tower triangulation, or your computer’s IP address to find your location which is somewhat less reliable. It’s currently available for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and IE Mobile.
The Geolocation API has two JavaScript methods: getCurrentPosition() makes a single, one-off attempt to get a position fix, while watchPosition() watches the user’s position over time, and provides an update whenever the position changes. Both methods allow you to configure which sources of location information are used. Gears also keeps track of the best position fix obtained from these calls and makes it available as the lastPosition property. This is a simple way to get an approximate position fix with low cost in terms of both network and battery resources.
To use the (so far) two location-enabled and Rummble web apps you will need a Windows Mobile device that supports GPS or cell-id lookup (for example the Samsung Blackjack II and HTC Touch Dual).