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Google Streetview: San Diego State University

google person for free

A pedicab-like trike, mounted with an 8-foot-high camera has been rolling around the pedestrian walkways of the SDSU to collect panoramic images of the campus for Google Maps’ Street View feature, which gives users detailed, street-level views of map locations over the Internet.

The 250-pound vehicle, which resembles the pedicabs that carry tourists around Philadelphia and other cities, has the cyclist pumping the pedals up front, with the camera mounted on a tower in the back. On the rear is a red generator along with a large white chest that looks like it might dispense ice cream but actually contains the computer recording the digital images.

Peet the Pink Elephant – Part II

OK. And now Google ‘Peet the Pink Elephant’ … you get it 😉

The indexation time on Google and Yahoo was less than 24 hours. Microsoft (‘Bing’) has not gotten it (right) yet.

Peet the Pink Elephant

Pett The Pink Elephant

Peet the pink elephant probably sounds like a really dumb title. But there’s a reason I chose it and it has to do with the way self-pronounced search engine marketing experts market their services and pretend they pull some magic out of their hats. I thought Peet had died a few years ago but while doing some basic optimization recently I came across some of his foot steps (they were imprinted in the face of a friend of mine).

The rest of the Peet the Pink Elephant story will follow when Google tells me to finish it 😉

What will ipods look like in the future?

Do you wonder what iPods will look like in the future? Check out this fancy iPod prototype:


Also check out this cool iPod Karaoke Gadget: